Event and Wedding Seating Planner

If you are holding an event and need to create a seating plan as well as manage the guests and invites then look no further. Free to use its ideal for weddings, meetings, corporate events, conferences and a whole lot more.

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Plan your whole event with our seating planner
The seating planner is more than just a tool for planning the seating for your wedding reception or meeting. Designed to make planning your event easier it's got everything you need to manage your guest list and invites too.
manage your seating plan
Planning the seating for your event.

Anyone who has ever created a seating plan for a wedding will tell you how difficult this task is. With our seating planner we have simplified the process so you cano plan your seating with ease. Once you have created your guest list and finalised your invites simply layout the tables as you would like them. It's then just a case of placing the guests on the tables uses a simple drag and drop.

manage your guests
Guest List Management.
Create a shortlist of the people who you may or may not want to invite. Simply select your invited guests from the list. Create single people, couples and groups. Email them the invite or give it to them in person.
keep your tasks in order
Keep track of what needs doing and when
Manage your tasks make sure you don't forget about anything with the wedding checklist. We will get you started with a full list of all the tasks required and the due date of when they need to be done.
manage your rsvp statuses
Manage your RSVP
Manage your guests RSVP's update the status see who's coming and who isn't with an overview of the event showing the RSVP lists in real time. See a summary of guests invited and the number of accepted invites, declines and the ones who are yet to respond.
manage your guest addresses
Address Management
Keep track of the address for each of your guests. If you are posting out your invites then its crucial to ensure you have all the addresses to ensure your invites are sent to the right person and you don't miss anyone or send them to the wrong address.
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